Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful Mouse-Picture Book Month Day 6

Picture Book Month Day 6 theme: Mice
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One is a Feast for a Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale

by Judy Cox with illustrations by Jeffrey Ebbeler

Little mouse discovers that you should never let your eyes grow bigger than your stomach when you are hungry. Read this charming book to find out how mouse learns a lesson about the difference between being greedy and being thankful.

This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving themed read aloud books. I made a laminated mouse from the story and images of all the foods mouse tries to balance on top of a pea to carry back to his hiding hole. As we read the story, we first give mouse one green pea to hold, and with each new food item, we add more and more until the pile begins to tip and lean. The kids love the way the cat peeks up over the table to spy on the little mouse. 

Literature Connection Resources and Activities

Activity: Try to balance a number of objects on top of each other to see how high you can get your stack. What should go on top? What should be placed on the bottom? Why?

Holiday House Suggested Classroom Activities

One is a Feast for a Mouse lesson plan 

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  1. That was a great trailer! And what a fresh take for a Thanksgiving book :) The illustrations are beautiful and the story sounds adorable. Thanks for posting it, Julee :)


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