Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominees-2010-2011

I have been so wrapped up in organizing lesson plans for upcoming Texas Bluebonnet Award nominated books that I have neglected my poor ole Bookegg Blog. Each school year, Texas students in grades 3-6 read from a selection of twenty high quality children's books and vote on their favorite. Students must read a minimum of five of the nominated books to be eligible to participate in the Texas Bluebonnet Award voting process. Books are nominated by a panel of librarians, teachers, students, and parents. View the Texas Bluebonnet Award master list for 2010-2011 and learn more about the TBA program.

This upcoming school year's crop of Bluebonnet books are terrific! I was disappointed at first, classically judging a few of the books by their covers. Boy was I wrong! I have been so amazed by the beauty of 14 Cows for America and really kept hope alive in Home of the Brave. I am predicting both Mudshark and Calvin Coconut Trouble Magnet to be kid favorites. The sweet story of Sparrow Girl is one of my top contenders too. This crop is ripe for learning opportunities. Take a look at a wikispace web site that I designed to help me present Bluebonnet Books to my students. Kids Book Club Click on the 2010-2011 Bluebonnet Book Club link on the left side of the page. Lots of video clips and story connection activities. Share what you have with me and take what you need from me. Collaboration is a great tool. (bluebonnet photo: Julee Murphy/2010)