Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 7: Picture Book Month theme: Royalty

The Hinky Pink

An old tale retold by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Brian Floca


Picture Book Month Day 7 theme: Royalty

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A happy Hinky-Pink is a fine thing. An unhappy Hinky-Pink pinches!
That is what happens to Anabel, a young seamstress in Old Italy who has only days to finish her dream: sewing a gown for the princess to wear at the Butterfly Ball.
Thanks -- or no thanks -- to the Hinky-Pink Anabel is woozy for want of sleep. Her lace looks like cheesecloth; her hems, like saddle cinches. Night after night, the Hinky-Pink keeps wrestling her bedclothes to the floor -- and pinching. What is its problem? And how is Anabel to help?

visit author, Megan MCDonald website

Visit the illustrator Brian Floca see images from The Hinky Pink

The Hinky Pink book activities: A book is always more fun and easier for readers to connect with when
fun activities are done along with the reading. Here are a few that all ages will enjoy.

Princess Isabella Caramella Gorgonzola coloring page This coloring page can also be used when learning about characterization. Students can describe what type of personality Princess Isabella has and how she behaves in the Hinky Pink.

Anabel coloring page Use this for a character portrait activity-what are some character traits that describe Anabel?

Anabel's city coloring page -buildings from Florence, Italy were the inspiration behind the images used for the book.

Fun Princess and Castle activities:

Princess word search- Lots of princess-y words to find in this word search puzzle.

Princess Maze - Help the princess find the way through a maze shaped like a head to reach her knight.

Castle Maze -Can you help the knight find his way through the castle to reach the archer?

Castle Dot to Dot just follow the numbers to construct your castle.

Interactive Castle- learning activity that explains about the parts of castle. Very nice resource that also displays real images.

 Royalty Literature connections:

Lesson plans about myths, folktales, and fairy tales

Myths, Folktales, and Fairy tales-lesson plan for grades 4-6 from Scholastic books

Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales theme page multiple resources and links

Happy Reading!

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  1. This books sound adorable---and so different! I happen to have Brian Floca's LOCOMOTIVE sitting next to me and the illustrations are great! :)


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