Friday, February 26, 2010

The Ocean is a Home

What a fun time we had learning about Ocean families. Today we created a colorful jelly fish and sang the Mr. Jellyfish song. I read the book "I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean" by Kevin Sherry.

This short, yet clever book tells the tale of a positive thinking giant squid who compares himself to other sea creatures to prove that he is bigger than they are, in fact, he believes himself to be the biggest thing in the ocean until.....well, you will need to read the rest yourself. Children smile all the way through this very sweet story which makes for a great read and take activity.

I have a growth chart poster that came with my book and I measure the children to see how tall they are and then let them compare themselves to other sea creatures that might be bigger or smaller than they are. Have each student lie down on a sheet of butcher paper and draw their outline. Cut out the outline and let them compare themselves to real size outlines of a shrimp, a crab, a jellyfish, a shark, etc.

Here is another "The Ocean is a Home" activity

Read a book about jellyfish and allow children to share what they know about jellyfish.
Sing the Mr. Jellyfish song to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.

Mr. Jellyfish Song
Mr. Jellyfish lives in the Ocean
Mr. Jellyfish lives in the Sea
Mr. Jellyfish lives in the Ocean
Please, Mr. Jellyfish don't sting me!

Easy Jellyfish make and take:


Cheap paper plates without coating which makes it easier to color

crepe paper (I use pink and white)

glue scissors crayons yarn if you wish to hang jellyfish

1. Take a regular size paper plate and cut it in half.

2. Have children color both sides of the half plate. I let them scribble scrabble with many blended colors.

3. Next, student puts one glue dot on straight edge of paper plate and then stick on a strip of crepe paper. (one-to-one correspondence) Repeat process.

4. Continue alternating colors to make a pattern.

5. If desired, a piece of yarn or string can be attached to hang jellyfish from classroom.

6. Sing the Mr. Jellyfish song.