Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A perfect book for Thanksgiving

One is a Feast for a Mouse

A Thanksgiving Tale by Judy Cox and illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

Little mouse discovers that you should never let your eyes grow bigger than your stomach when you are hungry.
Read this charming book to find out how mouse learns a lesson about the difference between being greedy and
being thankful.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book Trailer-Piper Reed, Navy Brat

I have decided to let my library classes (grades 3-5) decide which Piper Reed book trailer will be uploaded to Teacher Tube. Two songs both seemed to fit "Piper". One is upbeat and perky like Piper and the other has a homey and family feel about it. Hmmmm, I wonder which one will be chosen. I think I have decided on my choice.

Kids will receive a score sheet that allows them to rate the music chosen for the video.
Using a scale score from 1-3 (three being a best music-video match).
Is the music a good match for the book trailer?
Does the music fit Piper's personality?
Does the music fit the tone of the story?

Choice A-Piper Reed, Navy Brat

Choice B-Piper Reed, Navy Brat