Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thunderbirds: Picture Book Month-Day 5-Nature

Picture Book Month
Day 5 theme: Nature
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Thunder Birds: Nature's Flying PredatorsThunder Birds: Nature's Flying Predators by Jim Arnosky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Jim Arnosky'd name equates with high quality non-fiction literature. He knows exactly how to engage readers with his intensely detailed illustrations and captivating language. Thunderbirds is amazing. 

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Thunder Birds: Nature’s Flying Predators
by Jim Arnosky


Watch Jim Arnosky, the SINGING wildlife artist 

Watch video clips of Thunder Birds (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Watch live streaming video from cornellhawks at livestream.com

Eagle Watch LIVE webcam

nytnestcam on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Jim Arnosky Coloring Pages for kids

Thunder Birds literacy connections and activities

Create a Thunder Bird library display

  • Paper Mache Thunder Bird (owl, eagle, hawk, etc.) Try to make a life size example
  • Create a diorama of a Thunder Bird in its natural habitat..
Web sites featuring "How to Make" a dioramas:Enchanted Learning Craftster HowCast

  • Keep a Thunder Birds Science Journal. Use one of the internet live webcams to document observations. Keep careful track of dates and use descriptive words to explain what you are viewing. Include types of birds viewed and a sketches to illustrate. You may also view a series of bird videos from Cornell Lab of Ornithology and record your observations. 
  • Create a Thunder Bird book. Sketch your own birds or use illustrations from Jim Arnosky's coloring pages Add interesting facts about each bird, description of habitat, diet, include a map of where they live and anything else you think would be interesting to other students.

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