Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Sea: Picture Book Month Day 16

Picture Book Month Day 16 theme: Sea
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Take a PEEK inside Down, Down, Down

“More humans have walked on the moon than have visited the deepest spot in the sea.” pg.1
This beautifully detailed picture book begins with a view from outer space looking down on our blue planet home and allowing us to imagine ourselves as part of a deep sea diving team traveling down through the deepest depths of an ocean world. Readers are introduced to three zones of the western Pacific Ocean and the life that lives within them. With every page turn, the background colors deepen to darker colors just as light struggles to reach the deeper depths of each zone. The deeper the depths, the more beautifully terrifying creatures lurk within a world hidden from human eyes. (ms. Murphy)

Visit the creator of Down, Down, Down -Steve Jenkins

author & Illustrator Steve Jenkins biography

Creatures from the Deep-watch videos of the amazing creatures from the deep.
Click on the links shown below.

Watch us! Ocean Fairies- A close up view of the beautiful, delicate and fairy-like zoo-plankton that lives in the ocean.
(a 2.50 minute video)

Platynereis.jpgZooplankton that live in the depths of the ocean. 

Watch me! Mola Mola video-the world's largest bony fish (1:11 minute video) 

Trivia questions:
When measured in feet, what is the depth of the “Challenger Deep”?

What is the constant temperature of the “Challenger Deep”?

What is mola mola?
a.) An ocean sunfish
b.) A diet of jellyfish and plankton
c.) A seabird
d.) Mushy plant life

What are the names of the three zones?

What is the Abyssal Plain made up of?

diagramWeaveFish_small.jpgLiterature connections-activities, books, kid friendly web sites:

Ocean animals printables
Origami sea creatures activities
Origami Angel Fish
Quick and easy project: Weave a Fish

Check out this page: The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau

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