Friday, November 15, 2013

Dogs and Cats Picture Book Month Day 15

Picture Book Month Day 15 theme: Dogs and Cats
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Here are three of my favorite books to use when introducing a poetry unit. Kids are sometimes resistant to poetry but who can resist these sweet little fellas? Come on, just look at him. Is that the face of a naughty puppy?

Big dogs, little dogs, naughty dogs, and sweet dogs all share their special stories and describe themselves. The pictures are adorable and the poetry is "spot" on. I couldn't resist that bit of doggie humor. These dog inspired poems are simply the best.

Browse Inside Once I Ate a Pie

13 cats with very different and distinct personalities share a glimpse into the world of cats in this delightful book by the wonderful and gifted Patricia Maclachlan.

...and now more from the cat's perspective.

Who can resist the new King of Cats-Pete the Cat has captured the attention and love of kids and parents alike. He is one cool cat and makes for a terrific read aloud.

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