Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 17: Robots are taking over the library!

Picture Book Month Day 17 theme: Robots
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Boy and Bot are alike in many ways. 
But when Bot accidently gets switched off, Boy thinks Bot is sick and tucks him in to rest.
When Bot is suddenly switched back on and discovers Boy asleep, he thinks Boy is malfunctioning. A clever inventor comes to everyone's rescue and helps solve the little misunderstanding.

Ame Dyckman is one of the nicest authors and people I have met on Twitter. She is a big supporter of libraries and librarians. We love her. VIsit her website here. 

We love Bot so much that we decided to include him in our Dot Day Celebration this year. 
I set up a Dot Day Celebration library center with paper circles, crayons, markers, and bits of yarn, stickers, and anything else I could find and the kids used the supplies to express their creativity on a dot. I saw some remarkably creative dots. We have many clever kids in our school. 

Let's Give Bot the Chicken Pox!
Step 1: Read Boy + Bot.
Step 2: Let kids decorate and cut out dots to put on Bot.
Step 3: Give Bot the Chicken Pox with dots.
Step 4: Have fun

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  1. LOL, Julee, Robots are actually TAKING OVER THE WOOOOORLD! I think it's just easier to notice in the library :D :D :D Seriously, though, Robots are TOTALLY "in"!


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