Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18 Going Bananas for Monkeys Picture Book Month #IMWAYR

Picture Book Month Day 18 theme: Monkeys
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Which is Round? Which is Bigger?
by Mineko Mamda

Readers compare pairs of objects and decide which one has the attribute the questions asks to be answered. This concept book is simple and fun but offers a cute twist at the end of the book. Bright, happy read. Lots of fun. 

Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett has been one of my favorite Read Aloud books this year. Imagine a book about counting monkeys but the book itself is missing the monkeys! This book includes kids in on a joke that grownups don't see. Love it!

This week was Recycle Week for our city so I invited the Recycling Education representative out to share a storytime and tips on how to reduce, re-use, and recycle. Our kids loved it and they each received a canvas bag to take to the store in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our community. Here were the two books Dawn Stubblefield read to students.

Dawn Stubblefield gave an excellent presentation. She really knows kids and even when one kid tried to show off a little she expertly drew him back into the lesson. She incorporated multi-media, mnemonic devices, and showmanship to deliver an rememberable lesson.

Every student and parents who attended were each given a canvas grocery shopping bag to use in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our community. 

Books I Read and Blogged about this Past Week:
Click on the image caption to see the review and activities for each book. 
The Sea
Robots are Taking Over the Library
Cats and Dogs
Magical World of Books

The Zoo!

This week, we have been exploring the meaning of being thankful. Our good friend Bear helped us understand the concept of being thankful for friends, food, and home.

Below are some nice books to use for teaching Thankfulness

I also started reading YA Fiction Guitar Notes by Mary Amato. 
It is really good so far.

Have a great reading week.


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  1. Julee, I always love the way you include so many video links--kids love these, as do I. :-) Monica Brown came to visit our school a few years ago, and the kids loved her. I recently created a background knowledge Padlet page for a presentation I did at our state librarian conference here:

    Have a good week!

    Natalie @Biblio Links


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