Friday, June 7, 2013

What I Read This Summer 2013 Reading Challenge

This week I issued a Summer Read Challenge to my entire school asking that they keep a reading log of the books they are reading this summer and then create a poster or creative project to be displayed in a highly visible location when the new school year begins. Here is my letter:

Dear ECDC Family, 

One of my professional goals for 2013-2014  is to redefine how I “Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk” as a way to motivate students in their path to becoming life-long learners and readers. I am issuing a Summer Reading Challenge to all ECDC Staff and Teachers to keep a log of “What I Read This Summer” and then create your own version of a What I Read This Summer door, poster, or creative project.

·        Cha-Ching! All ECDC participants who create and post their “What I Read This Summer” project, in a highly visible location for all students to see, will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to use at the ECDC Book Fair in October.

I can visualize Valerie’s long list of Nursing textbooks that she will be plowing through this summer that can serve to inspire a student wanting to become a nurse one day. Something so simple can prove to be a spark that ignites a flame within a student.

Nurse Valerie’s What I Read This Summer 2013
1. A Nurse’s Guide to Boogers, Lice, and Wee Wee Accidents by Iwetta May Pants

2. The School Nurse from The Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler (real book)

3. The Thick Encyclopedia of All Things School Nurses Should Know by O. Verload

How Can I Become an Advocate for Reading?
We have all seen mountains of research that indicate students are more likely to become readers when they have good reading role models. This article offers good examples of how to be a reading role model. Consider joining CCIRA-Corpus Christi International Reading Association for 2013-2014. I have the membership forms. Everyone is welcome to join us. We are working with CCISD to offer PLX credit hours for some of our meeting. Our membership consists of teachers, librarians, literacy coaches, principals, ITAs, and retired teachers.

Articles for Families as Reading Role Models:

Here is my 2012 Summer Reads door as an example. 
I hope you accept my Reading Challenge for 2013! Happy Reading!


  1. Love your idea. I'm going to try and get some teachers to participate in something like this next summer. I'm hope a few will participate.

    I also wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please visit my blog at for more info.

    1. Thank you Stacey, I am starting from scratch again with my 2013 Summer Reads but already I am discovering that I had read more middle grade books than any other age grouping. I believe more publishers are becoming MG focused.

      Thank you for the nomination for a Liebster Award. I will certainly work on all those questions. I appreciate your considering me.


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