Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Teachers Write: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday updates

Teachers Write began this week and I had to dust off my old Facebook page in order to catch all the updates. I'm just not a Facebook person. I signed up years ago when it was  available to university students but since the arrival of Twitter in my life, I have all but abandoned Facebook. It makes me feel really weird when my mother asks me if I have checked my Facebook to see a picture that one of my sisters has uploaded. The woman needs to be on it herself, she has always been far ahead of her time.

On Monday, we wrote about keeping a writer's notebook. I have several stuffed into hidey holes at work, in my rolling teacher's cart, in my car, and on my bedside table at home. I like to use the primary journals  the type usually used by first graders. Each page provides a large blank space for drawing a picture with red and blue lines for positioning letters on a baseline. I need all the help I can get with my handwriting. I call my journal My Sanity Book.

Tuesday Quick Write Assignment

It was very quiet in my library this afternoon and I caught myself staring into space remembering conversations, events, and wonderful times spent in the school library that I have very carefully and reverently built up over the past five years. When I read the Teachers Write Quick Write topic for Tuesday, I immediately begin to write without stopping to plan. It felt great to write down what I had been remembering. There are so many memories that I can replay in my mind's eye as I look out over the now quiet tables.

Tuesday Quick Write:  Begin with "Sometimes, ..

Sometimes, when the school day is over and I am alone in my library, I like to run my fingers across the book spines occasionally stopping to pull one out and flip to a favorite tear stained section. I smile as I remember the laughter of two friends speaking over each other as they try to share their favorite part of a story, the strained voice of a boy trying his best to eerily describe a ghost scene. These are beautiful echoes in my memory as I walk the shelves. Books are like coming home to a warm memory or revisiting a friend from long ago. Books are beautiful things. They are always there for you when you need them to lift your mood or to offer guidance. I believe books become part of who we are, because as I look around the library, that I have spent years carefully building book by precious book, I see myself. 

My library is a very happy place filled with great books and fun props. 

Teachers Write Wednesday Q and A 

Guest authors Laurel Snyder and Joanne Levy field questions about writing and writers and are joined by Kate Messner and Gae Polisner

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