Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good bye Earth! Hello Nebulon!


Galaxy Zack: Hello Nebulon
(Book #1 of Galaxy Zack)
Author: Ray O'Ryan
Illustrated by  Colin Jack
For Ages: 5 - 7

The Year is 2120, and Zack Nelson and his family are making the big move from Earth to the planet Nebulon. Zack is already nervous about starting school and making new friends, but it only gets worse when he dreams that his classmates are slimy aliens with tentacles, pizza comes covered in gross bugs, and he can never communicate with his Earth friends again! When Zack arrives at Sprockets Academy for his first day of school, he meets and befriends Drake Tucker, a Nebulite boy who also loves to explore and learn about the planets. All of the differences between Earth and Nebulon begin to pile up and make Zack miss his home in Dubbsville, Texas, even more. But things start to look up when he receives a mysterious surprise. What could it possibly be?

Why will kids like this book?
  • It has aliens!
  • Kids will think the alternating black text on white pages, then white text on black pages, and then slanted text is cool. 
  • Zack's new house is equipped with an Indoor Robotic Assistant, better known as IRA, who takes care of your every need. Thirsty? Pow! Try a glass of frosty, bubbling, spudsy melonade,
  • Zack's massive bedroom is equipped with the coolest technology- a huge desk with a built in computer touch pad and an entire wall that is the computer screen. It's like going to the movies. You can even search the stars and galaxies. 
  • Zack's bed retracts up into the ceiling when not in use.Wicked!
  • IRA eill prepare your favorite meals. While your parents dine on grilled salmon, and your sisters spaghetti, you can have delicious cheesy pepperoni pizza! 

Why Ms. Murphy thinks this is a great book for kids:
  • It has aliens!  
  • It reaches early chapter book readers through an engaging format using larger print and ample graphics to guide the story.  
  • It introduces early chapter book readers to Science Fiction genre in a light, upbeat way. 
  • It is a story about friendship, family, and adjusting to new situations with a positive attitude.  
  • The book sums up most kids' day dreams of a super cool room, never having to clean up after yourself, and delicious food prepared and instantly delivered via a sliding panel door (Come to think of it, I dream about this too).
Ms. Murphy also appreciates that Simon and Schuster has provided great promotional materials for the Galaxy Zack series which makes my job as a librarian much easier to book talk it (book trailer, book excerpts, and downloadable resources). When kids see a book trailer, that book is guaranteed to be put on a long hold list.

Visit the Galaxy Zack website

Galaxy Zack downloadable resources can be found here

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