Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meeting Hedgie Hedgehog and a Great Big Check

The Joys of being a Librarian.

I have had so much excitement in my life as of late. The ECDC wrapped up another successful book fair thanks to our great volunteers from TAMU-CC and Coastal Community and Teachers Credit Union. We cashed in our profits for books, books, and MORE BOOKS! I ordered many special request titles for my Scholastic Book Fair and they sold like hot cakes! In fact, I had to make sure I was able to secure some for my library too. Of the new books I added to our library collection, the Texas Lone Star Reading List titles were quickly snatched up by fifth and sixth graders. It will take me a few more days to catalog the boxes of books we chose to purchase but that's okay-we will spread the joy out over time.

The highlight of the week was being awarded a Focus Grant from Coastal Community and Teachers Credit Union. The funds will be used to run our Bluebonnet Book Club, Guys Read Book Club, and pre-school early reading activities. I really love my big check!

The Mossy Tour brought the amazing author/illustrator Jan Brett to the Sparkling City by the Sea. I learned so much about turtles from her talk. She was a charming and entertaining speaker. Did you know she has a hidden name written on Mossy's shell which is shown on the back cover?

The wonderful thing about this Barnes and Noble author event was that I was reunited with many local librarian pals and we had a fun time chatting each other up.

Look at the new friend I made. It's Hedgie, the Hedgehog. Who could ask for a better week.

But---it got even better because I also received my yearly school book order. It was like Christmas in October! I laughed and keep yelling out-"Wow! I really love this book!" I immediately got down to creating book talks and promotions. I went on our morning announcements and shared the great news. A line of kids were waiting for me by the time I got back to the library clamoring for the books I had presented just five minutes before. This is a librarian's joy.

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