Thursday, July 26, 2012

Library Decor Tip: Shelf Markers

"Miss, where are the folk-tale books? I can't find them,"

For students trying to figure out the Dewey Decimal system, trying to figure out the right location for a book can be a frustrating experience. After seeing a similar idea on Pinterest, I decided to create a set of colorful, easy to spot shelf markers to assist students in finding sections of our library. It all began after I rescued and re-purposed some old magazine holders someone had thrown in the recycling bin.

Easy to Make Shelf Markers

cardboard magazine holders
colored craft/butcher paper or wrapping paper
contact paper or laminating film
tape-I prefer storage tape (its super strong and I use it for all my displays)
title of section boldly printed on computer paper

Step 1 Measure your paper and cut it. 

Step 2 Attach label and laminate the paper or cover with contact paper.

Step 3 Cover and secure tightly with storage tape.

Step 4 Display and enjoy!
Graphic Novel section

Biography section

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