Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer's Over. School has begun!


Summer's over. School has begun!" This is the rallying cry our school district adopted for this year. We are getting our students back into the swing of things and are not accepting any excuses for a slow start back into learning.

I arrived very early on the first day of school in order to greet students with a welcoming smile as they trudged through the door decked out in new back to school clothes and backpacks. One cutie- pie must have a parent who is a teacher, because she cheerfully shouted out, "Summer's over!" I laughingly answered her with, "and school has begun!"

Our school has been trying to sort out complicated schedules making adjustments for fine arts, library, drama, motor development, etc. A principal's job is not to be envied. I have nick named our principal "Santa Claus" this year because she has a knack for getting the necessary funds to purchase the tools and resources that allow us the freedom and creativity to design a solid curriculum for our students. I had hoped for one microphone headset for the library so students would be able to create digital book talks and pod casts. Santa Claus purchased four microphone headsets and a plasma TV for library presentations. The cool tech guys are my new heroes since they scrounged up a scanner for the library. I am no longer teaching in the dark ages.

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