Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing 20: Explore YouTube and TeacherTube



I like motivational messages. They really get me fired up. Here is a short, yet sweet one.

I like to learn new things!

This is how I learned, and had fun, making a Diaper Cake.


I created this one!

Please forgive me if I am not humble here. This is my first Teacher Tube video that I have submitted and I am feeling really good about having created it.
I will be using this to introduce the Texas Bluebonnet Nominees for 2009-2010 in conjunction with my kids-book-club wiki.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Click the above link to hear Suzanne reading an excerpt from chapter 11.

I pulled this clip from Scholastic's web site. I really liked this YA novel and am looking forward to the sequel which will be out September 1st. If you liked the Twilight Saga, you will find The Hunger Games fascinating.

And here is a YouTube video book report someone else created. This is one of the type of projects-video book talks-that I have planned for the upcoming school year.


  1. Julee, I loved your inspirational video about Life=Risk. In fact, I found it to be very timely and pertinent for a close friend...so much so, that I e-mailed it to him immediately. Thanks for including it in your blog.

  2. BOOK EGG: You are inspiring me! I've finished my 23THINGS & am aware that one of the things I haven't done is pay enough attention to others' blogs. I really like your LIFE=RISK video. I'm sure I can find more of this genre to use to open classes. Thanks for posting it.


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