Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing 19: Exploring Web 2.0 Awards list

In undertaking the "thing 19" discovery experience, I was prepared to depart on a new, and unfamiliar-to-me, technological journey to explore the award winning Web 2.0 sights feeling I would be seeing many futuristic type programs. What a pleasant surprise! I did not feel lost at all. I had seen, or experienced many of these programs.

First, I decided to look at the widgets, where I found this little gem: Online libraries Of course, I next went straight for the wikis. It is no secret that I am a wiki freak, because of the simple fact that they are technologically painless to use. They are practically dummy-proof. After exploring the wiki sites, I decided that my heart still belongs to wikispaces. After all, they take good care of me. If I have a question, they are quick to answer. If I want to learn how to stretch the boundaries of wikis, they are already prepared to show me how through their webinars. I have used my wikis in the past for conference presentations, but this year I will use one for my kids-book-club.

I see wikis as being one of the most useful tools in our educational arsenal for engaging students in a real collaborative learning experience. I have not been this positive about a technology tool since I heard about The Jason Project years ago. We have to learn to speak to our students in a language they relate to and understand. This is exactly why Web 2.0 tools are so important, because they are the language of the generation at hand.

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