Friday, July 24, 2009

Thing 3 Blog blog blog

Here is my blog
it is sad, but true
just how much time
it takes to do.

Thing 3 is complete. The avatar is not so great, but I probably did not do it correctly. It is a temporary avatar and I plan to rid of it soon. I added my Shefari bookshelf also, but it seems to be missing many titles. I like Shelfari, although it seems to have a lot of technological snags which prevents editing at times.

A busy librarian has so much to do in a day and when I sit down to create a new post BOOM! I go into a time warp full speed ahead. In addition to this blog, I have a school web site, a Shelfari, a few educational wikis, and I am creating book trailers to introduce students to new titles we will be receiving very soon.

My schedule is screaming at me now. Must sign off.

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  1. Your avatar is playing and seek as al the html avatars are. Please go back to Thing #3 and read the notes for saving it as a jpg file and using a Picture Gadget in your blog layout to add it


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