Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life in the Future

Living life in the future is better than I ever expected! The Jetsons really had it right! A machine for our every need. As a kid having to endure long car trips, I had always wished for a hamburger machine that with the push of a button would produce a hot, delicious hamburger. Boy, that would have made having to play the "don't cross this line" game with my sisters more bearable.

Technology and the ease of internet use have added so much to the field of education. My lessons have more punch as I am able to integrate sound, images, and live action to support the lessons.

Lately, I have created some book trailers as teasers to introduce students to new titles. Introducing students to authors and illustrators via their websites or sites such as Scholastic that also provide games, trivia, and trailers make a teacher/librarian's job much easier and fun!
Life in the future is great!

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