Friday, November 14, 2014

Picture Book Month Smackdown Tuesday, Nov. 18th

I am a Picture Book Month Ambassador. Which means I get to read lots and lots of wonderful picture books and read some aloud to kids and in general have free license to shoot my mouth off about how much I love picture books and how they are great lesson starters.

When my principal put me in charge of morning announcements this year she did not realize that I had been wishing for this very thing to come true. I seize my chance to start morning book talks along with the weather report and daily reminders. The great thing one got upset about my little book commercials, in fact the reverse was true. Teachers and students begin to ask me "Do you know that book you talked about this morning about counting monkeys?" or "May I borrow that book about that biography, Black Elk that you talked about this morning?" I am so glad teachers and students are getting these micro book reviews each morning. What surprises me is that I never seem to run out of ideas for presenting books for the day. I love my library and try to squeeze in as much time for cataloging new books each week as I can possibly mange.

Join us Tuesday, November 18th 12:30 CST/1:30 EST for a collaborative Picture Book Month Smackdown. The following educators will be joining us along with their picture book loving students to share favorite book titles and brief summaries. Here is the PBSmackdown link or watch below.
Twitter hashtag is #pbsmkdwn

Participating schools include:
Andy Plemmons, school librarian in Athens, Georgia
Jenny Lussier, school librarian in Durham, Connecticut
Cathy Potter, school librarian in Falmouth, Maine
Kathy Kaldenberg, school librarian in Solon, Iowa
Shawna Ford, school librarian in Weatherford, Texas
Julee Murphy, school librarian in Corpus Christi, Texas
Christina Brennan, school librarian in Pennsylvania

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