Friday, November 7, 2014

Picture Book Month Day 7: Bubba the Cowboy Prince

Picture Book Month is an international literacy initiative 
that celebrates the print picture book during the month of November. 
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Picture Book Month Day 7 theme: Royalty
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Ye-haw! I love a good fractured Texas fairy tale. Helen Ketteman is the champion of this genre in my book. She has a series of fantastic Texas themed stories. I think you would enjoy Bubba the Cowboy Prince. This book definitely requires the use of a heavy Texas accent. Happy reading!

Bubba is bossed around the family ranch by his wicked step daddy and his nasty stepbrothers, Dwayne and Milton. Bubba never complains, though. He’s a real cowboy – tough as leather and cute as a cow’s ear!

When Miz Lurleen, the purtiest rancher in Texas, decides to throw a ball to find herself a feller, Bubba has to stay at home. “You smell more like the cattle than the cattle do,” taunt Dwayne and Milton.

But with the help of Bubba’s Fairy God-cow, and a little Texas magic, Miz Lurleen finds the cowboy Prince she’s always dreamed of. With it’s western language and humor, the Texas retelling of Cinderella will really rope in the readers.

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