Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Bake a Book

How to Bake a Book aka Recipe for a Story 
by author/illustrator Ella Burfoot

I was instantly taken by the title of How to Bake a Book and absolutely loved it after reading it and lingering over the adorable illustrations. This mentor text will serve well as a good introduction to a writing lesson and book connection activity.

ISBN: 978-1-4926-0651-2
Book release: October 2014
ages 3-up but works well as a mentor text on the writing process for upper grades.

 Author's website Ella Burfoot

A clever young girl breaks some ideas into a cup and whisks up a blend of wonderful words to bake a book. Burfoot uses fun phrases as "a spoonful of good and a pinch of bad" to keep this lively rhyming book flowing smoothly.

When I checked out the Ella Burfoot's website, I had a bit of a shock. The copy I had read was an ARC sent to me from SourceBooks (Jabberwocky Kids) was titled How to Bake a Book yet the story Ella promotes on her website is the UK version entitled Recipe for a Story. I am not one to leave questions dangling about. I had to know why the two titles. I found Ella's email and dashed off a note and immediately issued a tweet on Twitter, both to which she promptly replied. Apparently, Sourcebooks felt Americans would prefer How to Bake a Book and I think they are correct. It was the title that immediately snagged my interest although Recipe for a Story truly describes the story better.

I noticed another change also. Are periods called full stops in Europe? This is news to me.

I highly recommend How to Bake a Book. Wonderful title and a fun read.

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