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Books Worth Talking About #IMWAYR March 3, 2014

It's Monday! What are you Reading is a meme began by Sheila at Book Journeys as a way to share what you read and/or reviewed the previous week and what is in store for the upcoming week. It's also a great chance to see what others are reading. I first learned about it from Jen at Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee and Ricki of Unleashing Readers and have become a regular linked up blog. Thanks #PLN

My wonderful principal does a great job promoting the book fair. She has the golden touch. Whatever she talks about, sells!

These second graders are very happy to see their big, red, pal Clifford.

Book Fair means a time for book talks, book talks, and more book talks! We all know the value of a book talk in driving up book sales. Here are a few of the top books in my fair.

Smile, Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

I was thrilled to discover this treasure from the sea. I pulled out my Kohls Care Pout-Pout Fish stuffed toy and proceeded to book talk it up a storm. What was really funny to me was that 4th graders begged me to read it to them. See, you are never too old for Pout-Pout Fish. 

I really don't understand how this is a book trailer for Smile, Pout Pout Fish but it is so adorable-much like the Pout Pout Fish himself. The teachers and students in my school all love the Pout Pout Fish. See if you can watch it while resisting a big old smile.

   Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale

Clark the Shark is too loud, too wild, and jut a little too much at just about everything he does. His friends won't sit with him during circle time, play with him on the playground, or join him for lunch. With a little help from his teacher Mrs. Inky-Dink, Clark learns that a little rhyme can help him remember the rules of the school which will help him stay cool. 

Wildly successful read aloud. Kids gave Clark a Hip, Hip, 

Bruce Hale's Clark the Shark Activities 

Teaching Kindergarten with Clark the Shark

Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DeCosta

Late at night, when all is quiet and everyone is asleep, a ninja creeps silently through the house in search of treasure. Soon he reaches his ultimate goal...and gets a big surprise! Will the nighttime ninja complete his mission? (source: Publisher)

Here are two middle grade titles we were very excited to see in the book fair.

Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel by Diana Lopez

We are fans of Diana Lopez-she used to teach in Corpus Christi and returns often to speak to young people about her books and becoming a writer. She has been very supportive of our school events and will be in town this Thursday to speak at my grandson's elementary school. I think the title of this book is fun and makes me remember how cool mood rings were. Ask My Mood RIng How I Feel is on the new 2014 Texas Lone Star List

If you love Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel, Choke, or Confetti Girl, then look for Diana Lopez in San Antonio at the Texas Library Association Conference in April.

It's summer before eighth grade, and Erica "Chia" Montenegro is feeling so many things that she needs a mood ring to keep track of her emotions. She's happy when she hangs out with her best friends, the Robins. She's jealous that her genius little sister skipped two grades. And she's passionate about the crushes on her Boyfriend Wish list. And when Erica's mom is diagnosed with breast cancer, she feels worried and doesn't know what she can do to help.

When her family visits a cuarto de milagros, a miracle room in a famous church, Erica decides to make a promesa to God in exchange for her mom's health. As her mom gets sicker, Erica quickly learns that juggling family, friends, school, and fulfilling apromesa is stressful, but with a little bit of hope and a lot of love, she just might be able to figure it out.

A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

Lots of great book buzz has been popping up on Twitter for this eye catching title. My students loved that we had it in our book fair before the book release date.

Scholastic Freebie: A Snicker of Magic Activity booklet
(Description from the author's website)

Midnight Gulch used to be a magical place, a town where people could sing up thunderstorms and dance up sunflowers. But that was long ago, before a curse drove the magic away. Twelve-year-old Felicity knows all about things like that; her nomadic mother is cursed with a wandering heart.

But when she arrives in Midnight Gulch, Felicity thinks her luck's about to change. A "word collector," Felicity sees words everywhere---shining above strangers, tucked into church eves, and tangled up her dog's floppy ears---but Midnight Gulch is the first place she's ever seen the word "home." And then there's Jonah, a mysterious, spiky-haired do-gooder who shimmers with words Felicity's never seen before, words that make Felicity's heart beat a little faster.

Felicity wants to stay in Midnight Gulch more than anything, but first, she'll need to figure out how to bring back the magic, breaking the spell that's been cast over the town . . . and her mother's broken heart.


  1. I love this book fair theme! Miss bookfairs but make up for it in other ways... :) I agree, promo sells the books! Especially enthusiastic promo. Thanks for sharing that Nighttime Ninja link, hadn't heard about it and the book was part of a book award voting program this year for my school!

    1. It is hectic, hard work, and fun! I am up early ready to run go see if my signs have blown away in the midst of a wild cold front that blew in overnight.

  2. Your book fair looks amazing! It makes me want to go there and buy, buy, buy!

    The books you have in today's post look really interesting. I'm looking forward to reading A Snicker of Magic as well.

    1. I welcome all customers even if they have to travel a long distance so come on down. I wish I could have shown you my library on your last visit to Corpus.

  3. I LOVE when the book fair comes! ;-) My students enjoyed Nighttime Ninja. I just started A Snicker of Magic with my Mock Newbery Club - bought the sets of 6 from Scholastic because they were such a good deal. Can't wait to read it all and talk about it. :-)

    1. Thanks Holly, I am surprised at the lack of Ninja books since kids love Ninjas. Many of my older students ask to check out Nighttime Ninja.

  4. One of the GatheringBooks ladies, Fats, has reviewed Pout Pout Fish a year ago, I think, and she loved it. Snicker of Magic really looks good. :) Have a great reading week!

    1. I was very happy to see the little board book Smile Pout Pout Fish. The original Pout Pout Fish is right up there with Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes as magical books. Some books are just too awesome for words.


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