Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Invisible Boy

The Invisible BoyThe Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a class full of vivacious children, Brian is shy and easy to miss-he is almost invisible. No one bothers to speak to Brian, or invites him to sit with them at lunch, or even chooses him when teams are forming. Even Brian's teacher is too preoccupied by more demanding children so Brian melts away into the background. When Justin, a new student arrives, Brian is the only one to offer up a smile of welcome. Justin is teased for the type of lunch he brings so Brian kindly leaves a note for Justin that sets off a new friendship between the two. This story is ripe for discussion about how we treat and should treat each others. Justin demonstrates kindness and welcomes Brian to join with others. Brian has a talent for drawing that deserves to be recognized.

Illustrator Patrice Barton has drawn Brian in black and white in contrast to his more colorful classmates. When Justin arrives, Brian offers him a smile that brings a bit of color to his face. Brian slowly gains more and more color as he begins to connect with his classmates and is included in their activities. I look forward to sharing this book and lesson with students.

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