Saturday, November 2, 2013

Moose and Monkeys Picture Book Month Day 2: ABC 123 Books

Day 2 theme:ABC/123

Happy November and the kick off to Picture Book Month-A Celebration!
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Two of my recent favorite ABC and 123 books are Z is for Moose 

 Author:  Kelly Bingham
Illustrator: Paul Zelinsky

 Author website: Mac Barnett 
Illustrator: Kevin Cornell

Video by Holly Mueller

Literature Connection Activities

Z is for Moose Activities from RIF

Z is for Moose

Guide for Educators
Guide for Extension Activities for Educators
Guide for Parents and Families
Guide for Community Coordinators

Did you know that Moose has his very own blog? Visit Moose on Earth to follow his adventures around the world. 
Count the Monkeys
Kevin Cornell lets us take a Look into the book to see some page spreads and funny pics that appears to be part monkey part Mac Barnett.

Count the Monkey Printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler 
This is a nice collection of printables including numbered monkey cards, sorting activities, puzzles and so much more. 

Make Learning Fun monkey printables including a terrific Make a Monkey Mask


  1. What a GREAT reading by Mac Barnett! I couldn't help but be amused! :D

  2. Mac Barnett is such a hoot. My student's love his humor.


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