Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bears, Picture Book Month Day 12

Picture Book Month Day 12 theme: Bears
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I have adore bear themed books. I am not sure why but I do. Maybe it is because when I was a kid and my family would go camping in New Mexico. we would go to the garage dump and watch the bears come out to root around for food. I had a couple of face-to-face run ins with a bear ambling through the camp site too. I was scared senseless and thought I would get eaten alive! I just can't get enough of bear books. 

Author Karma Wilson has some wonderful bear books and illustrator Jane Chapman gives Bear such a comforting friendly feel that you just can't help falling in love with him. 

Bear Snores On is great for discussing the changing seasons and why bears hibernate. Click here for more

Mouse creeps into hibernating Bear's cozy lair, looking for relief from the cold night, and soon is joined by Hare, Badger, Mole, Wren and Raven. Bear snores on as the high-spirited party gets going. The critters pop corn, make tea, twitter and chatter, until Bear wakes up with a giant sneeze! (publisher description)

Bear Feels Scared 
Bear is out scrounging around for a snack to eat when the sun suddenly sets and the woods become dark and scary. Bear  searches and searches for his way home and begins to feel scared. Bear's friends are concerned and they form a search party to find their dear friend. Click here for more

My favorite: Bear Feels Sick
Oh dear! Bear has the sniffles and feels sick! It's up to his friends to tuck in him and take good care of him. 

This book is a great choice when helping children to understand how to stay healthy. I have used Karma's suggestion for introducing glitter germs to kids by shaking each child's hand as they enter the library. I keep coating my hand with glitter and they squeal with laughter when they realize what I have done. We then sit down and pass around baby wipes to clean the "glitter germs" off our hands. I then demonstrate the correct way to wash hands and make a big show of lathering up and rinsing away the germs while singing the ABC song which takes the right amount of time to sing and do a good job washing hands. Click here for more

More Bear books from Karma Wilson


  1. I've loved Karma Wilson's "Bear" books since the first time I saw them on display at my local Barnes & Noble, but it was, without question, Jane Chapman's GORgeous illustrations that first drew me in :)

    1. I can always count on Bear and friends for a good library lesson. Thanks for the comment.


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