Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Monday, July 22, 2013 What are you reading?

 It's Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme began by Sheila at Book Journeys as a way to share what you read and/or reviewed the previous week and what is in store for the upcoming week. It's also a great chance to see what others are reading. I first learned about it at Teach Mentor Texts. What a great web site!

15 minutes set on the timer. I have 15 minutes to write this post. Can I do it? Well, they don't call me Lightning Quick for nothing! This is a game I play to help me hurry up and accomplish a task quickly. Childish but works like a charm.

Finished up RUMP: The true story of Rumpelstiltskin by Liesl Shurtliff just in time for #virtualbookclub book chat tonight at 8 p.m. CST/ 9 p.m. EST. Join us! If it's your first book chat, try using tips from the post I wrote here.

What did I love about this book? I love adventure tales where the main character has to go on a journey to find himself only to find what he seeks is within himself the whole time. I love character development in books and have always been drawn to these types of books. Hmm, does that tell me something about myself?

Finished: Sidekicked by John David Anderson.
Check in tomorrow to see my book review of Sidekicked. AND..enter to win your own FREE signed hard copy from Walden Pond Press.

You are going to want this book!

 Read Alouds:

A Big Man Took My Ball by Mo Willems

Piggie finds a ball but then a BIG guy takes it. She needs a big guy to help her get her ball back and Gerald is a big enough guy for the job, or is he?

My favorite part of reading Elephant and Piggie books with kids is seeing who will be the first to spot Pigeon hiding in the pictures in the back of the book.

I spent a good amount of time sorting books by grade interest level the past couple of weeks for a volunteer supported early reading intervention program called the Early Bird Reader program. It is a wonderful program and I encourage you to adopt a similar program in your community. EBR on Facebook

While sorting books, some real cuties caught my eye so I had to stop and do a quick read through.  I don't even remember the titles but I know that a lot of children will be very happy to receive these wonderful book donations. CCISD librarians share our read aloud secrets with children in our schools and they, in turn, take books home to read to younger siblings who are not yet in school. The books become part of the home library to be enjoyed time and time again. The program runs for several months or until we run out of books.

Here is one title I can't forget. I Love You Stinky Face 

Books on the TBR stack:

Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood (started)

and these goodies too!
More  Spooky Texas Tales (for me}
For the boys: Sherlock Bones: missing cheese 
Transformers Prime: Decepticons in Disguise 

OK, did I make it in 15 minutes? Of course not but I bet I was close. I was interrupted but next time 
I will succeed! Have a terrific reading week!


  1. I have Glory Be in my summer TBR bags too! Probably going to pick that up at some point this week.
    I've seen so much talk about Rump, and I really want to read it!
    Have a great reading week!

    1. Thanks Jenn, let me know what you think about Rump. We are book chatting it tonight at 9 pm EST at #virtualbookclub.

  2. Rump was such a fun read! Thanks for the reminder about the book chat tonight. I also am really interested in Sidekicked. It looks like a fun book. Have a great reading week!

    1. I hope you will visit tomorrow and entry to win your own free copy of Sidekicked. It is really good and I laughed out loud many times.

  3. Love the Elepant & Piggie-so funny as always. I have Rump & Sidekicked on the list! Hope I win a copy of Sidekicked. Thanks for the Stinky Face Book sharing-wonderful!

    1. Stop by tomorrow and enter for a chance to win Sidekicked. I highly recommend it! Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I am a huge fan of Glory Be! We bought some copies for our school library for our book kids to read after they finished Lions of Little Rock. One of our favourite Christmas stories in our house is Merry Christmas Stinky Face! Very cute title. I really must read Rump - every post I see it discussed is glowing!

  5. I has not seen the new Mo Willems book. I will be ordering that tomorrow! Thanks!


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