Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Beauty of Bears


The Beauty of Bears

November is Picture Book Month
Day 7 theme: Bears
Picture Book Month Author of the day Karma Wilson

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I love using Karma Wilson books in my library. Not only are the illustrations attractive and filled with lovable forest friends but they are also the answer to most lesson plan needs I might have. If I need a book about:
  • feelings or emotions? Bear Feels Scared
  • hygiene or good health? Bear Feels Sick
  • dental health or lost teeth? Bear's Loose Tooth
  • hibernation? Bear Snores On
  • Christmas? Bear Stays Up for Christmas
  • character development? Bear Wants More
  • thankfulness: Bear says Thanks
  • Friendship, helping, or working together? Bear's New Friend or ANY Bear book.
  •  the change of seasons? ANY Bear book. Bear moves through each season with some new adventure each time.
The Bear books are great paired up with  non-fiction topics and science related themes. But the real reason I love Karma Wilson's Bear books are because the children who listen to me reading them LOVE them just as much. They love the rhythm, rhyme, and flow of the words and like to join in saying "and the bear feels scared..." or "and he still feels sick..." Last night, I read Bear Feels Scared to my four-year-old grandson. He informed me that he wanted to read the special part. He pointed to each word reading aloud "and the bear feels scared" then he paused to look at me with bright eyes shining with pride. And my heart just melted....

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