Saturday, November 17, 2012


Picture Book Month
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Day 17 theme: Royalty

The Duchess of Whimsy

written by author Randall de Sève
Illustrator: Peter de Sève
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers

Do you have a favorite book about royalty? If so, please let me know. 

I selected The Duchess of Whimsy for today's Picture Book Month theme: Royalty. It is a wonderful story about a flamboyant and vivacious Duchess who is not all interested in the boring Earl of Norm who just happens to be in love with her and does his best to impress her. Despite all his failed attempts to woo her, he finally succeeds simply by being himself and the two happily find they have a great deal in common.

(description by Penguin Young Readers)
The Duchess of Whimsy is fancy and fuss and definitely not ordinary—surrounding herself with wild friends, fabulous foods, and fancy dresses. The Earl of Norm (ho hum) is completely ordinary, but he adores the Duchess. She ignores him, until he sneaks off to an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich—and suddenly takes the Duchess's eye. Maybe there's something to simplicity after all.


**//Words of Whimsy, the Duchess' Dictionary//**

The Duchess of Whimsybook trailer from misdbluebonnet-2011-2012

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