Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What My Library Means to Me

Picture Book Month
Day 20 theme: Library
Early Childhood Development Center Library

What "MY" Library means to me.

I am thankful for being able to teach and share beautiful stories with people every day because I understand that books become part of  who we are as a person. Thus, it becomes a great responsibility of librarians to seek out and provide high quality literature for young minds to absorb and build upon. 

Home is an important word. A word that gives comfort and provides a person with a sense of belonging. This is what I want every student, teacher, parent, university student or professor, and community member to experience when they come to my library. It might sound a little selfish to call it "my library" when it most certainly belongs to everyone, yet I would wish everyone would think of it as their own too. A library is a home where a love of reading is shared and experienced. There is always someone ready to tell you about a book they find interesting, helpful, exciting, terrifying, informative or even funny. In my library, I encourage children to express themselves by creating book projects or activities. Here are a few that have recently been shared with me.


We support the GUYS READ book club and love it when our ECDC Train rolls in with new books. 

go to website

Many book projects are based on the Texas Bluebonnet Award nominees each year.

Here we are growing our own bluebonnets in the library

 I just love these student made  projects

 Just Being Audrey 
by Margaret Cardillo
Illustrated by Julia Denos 

 Just Being Audrey Resources, Activities, and Lesson Plans: 2012 Bluebonnet Book Club

Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog
by Adrienne Sylver
illustrated by Elwood H. Smith

 Hot Diggity Dog Resources from the TBA website

This Lion and the Mouse project was made by a first grade reluctant reader. Isn't it amazing?
I shared it with all my classes as a "How to Create a Book Project"

 My library brings in as much of the world as possible. November is Picture Book Month and we are having fun rabidly reading as many picture books as we can this month and keeping track. Kids who read five PBs this month will earn a Library Challenge badge.

November is also American Indian Heritage Month. Our school sits upon the settlement where the Karankawa Indians once lived. Below is a presentation piece created by our good friend Ernest Graywolf Salazar. He also made an incredible replica of the Alamo for us. Every other year, Ernest and his brother, Larry Running Turtle Salazar, visit our school to share information about their cultural heritage and demonstrate a spiritual drum circle. Our students appreciate this and the lessons really stick with them.

American Indian Heritage Month Resources
American Indian College Fund Resources
National Parks Service Resources
Karankawa Indians in Texas
Indian Nations of Texas

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