Friday, November 9, 2012

Jazz Cat, Rock 'n' Roll Dogs, and the Great Satchmo

Jazz Cats, Rock 'N' Roll Dogs, and The Great Satchmo

Picture Book Month
Day 9 theme: Music

Today, I am connecting two picture books,  Jazz Cats and Rock 'N' Roll Dogs.
by David Davis to a Texas Bluebonnet Award nominated biographical book.

Play, Louis, Play! 
The True story of a Boy and His Horn
by Muriel Harris Weinstein
Illustrated by Frank Morrison

The biographical tale of the life of Louis Armstrong, as told by his confidant and companion-his
trumpet! His horn narrates Louis' story explaning how he worked very hard to scrape up enough
money to buy his first horn, how he became fascinated with Blues and Swing music and eventually Jazz. Louis worked hard to develop his skills and slowly began to earn the respect of fellow musicians who recognized his amazing musical talent. Louis could hear a song played one time and would be able to play it back note for note. This is the beginning tale of the world's greatest trumpet musician. 

Learn a little bit more about the Louis Armstrong?
PBS Kids

Listen to the smooth sounds of the Great Satchmo
1937-1941 recordings at All Music

Visit the Louis Armstrong House Museum to see videos and listen to his music

Terrific literature connections by David Davis

Jazz Cats
From the blow of the clarinet and trumpet to the pluck of the fiddle base and beating the trash can drums, these Dixie, dancin', jazz cats know how to have fun.
Cool cats entertain the crowds with their music in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Rock 'N' Roll Dogs
On Friday nights, the Rock 'n' Roll Memphis Blues Dogs play music for all of their doggie friends and have a howl of a time! Meet cool Buddy Collie, who strums the guitar, and Puggy Sue, the swinging teen-age star. You are welcome to dance with them, but don't step on their blue suede shoes.

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