Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ginger and Petunia

 Picture Book Month Celebration
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 Day 27 theme: PIGS

 I could think of so many wonderful picture books to use today but I decided to select one that I had not yet read. I chose Ginger and Petunia by Patricia Polacco. She is a masterful storyteller and it has been too long since I have picked up one of her books. They look so beautiful, all nice and tall, on my library shelf, but lately few have been checked out. This is my fault because I have not been acquainting students with these delightful and imagination filled wonders. Goal this week: Book Talking Patricia Polacco picture books.

Here is my summary of this very funny pig tale.

Elegant Virgina Vincent Folsum lives in an equally elegant home in an exclusive neighborhood. She drives a snazzy red sports car, is a wine aficionado, gourmet cook, and quite the clothes horse. Her motto is "You are what you wear!" Ginger, as she is affectionately known, is also an accomplished pianist who trains young piano proteges in her home. Ginger is devoted to her closest confidant and friend- a pig named Petunia. One day, Ginger accepts an invitation to travel to England to perform as a guest soloist at a prestigious affair and quickly arranges for a house and pig sitter for Petunia-who cancels after Ginger has left. What is poor Petunia to do? Ginger has always taken care of Petunia so now it's time for Petunia to return the favor. Masquerading as Ginger by donning her flamboyant attire, Petunia skillfully takes over the piano classes, runs errands, and attends a whirlwind of events fooling and charming everyone in the process. Alas, without her daily soothing mud baths Petunia becomes frazzled  until desperation drives her to leap into a vat of chocolate taking the Governor along with her.

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