Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 2 Picture Book Month

Theme: Rabbits

A Baby Rabbit Story
by Jeni Wittrock
Pebble Plus book 
Capstone Press

Click here to view pages of A Baby Rabbit Story

Many times when I read a fiction picture book to students, I like to begin with an informational picture book on a related topic. This is the type of book that is well paired with a fictional story about rabbits. 

A Baby Rabbit Story begins with mama rabbit preparing her nest for the birth of her four babies. This page is accompanied by an amazing photograph of a mother rabbit in action with a mouth full of twigs. The next few pages follows the babies through their early stages of growth and explains how they are fed and protected by their mother until they are able at three weeks of age to begin eating on their own. We learn how the rabbits groom, play, and at the age of two months are ready to find their own mates and begin the own family. The illustrations consist of large, vibrantly clear photographs of rabbits in their natural environments. The final illustration on page 21 is absolutely stunning in its natural beauty. 

Additional resources include a glossary, suggested book titles, and an internet link to where you can type in the ISBN number and access kid-friendly resources. These are posted below.

National Geographic:  Cotton Tail Rabbit

Print out a rabbit to color at Enchanted Learning

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