Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Important Things About Reading is...

Day 14 theme: Reading

The Important Thing About Reading is...

Reading is comfortable and welcoming. It can help you through troubled times. Reading can be hard and reading can also be easy as breathing. Reading develops the mind and while allowing imaginations to bloom. It gives us new information, guides our learning,  and teaches us new ways of viewing our world. Through reading we gain a sense of ourselves-who we are and how the stories we grew up reading became a part of who we've become-our shared cultural literacy. Reading expands our world and takes us places we never dreamed even existed. Reading is our world. 

Here is an important book that was written by a very important writer.

The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown

The Important Book Lesson  Plans and Activities

Scholastic lesson plan

Oakdale K-12 lesson plan

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