Monday, October 22, 2012

Building a Future Architect

Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building by Christy Hale
Publisher: Lee and Low

Interest level: K-3
Read Aloud:  All grade levels for instructional purposes
Themes: Imagination, Poetry, Toys, Games, Learning through Play, Comparisons/Opposites, Architecture.

Dreaming Up! A Celebration of Building at first look appears to be a picture book but it hides so much more within its pages. Hale presents illustrations of children doing what they do best-using their imaginations through the process of play. Children taking simple objects and building skyscrapers, schools, and homes out of them. One girl's mud-pie houses compares remarkably to an ancient Egyptian domed dwelling while two children's Tinker toy connected structured bear resemblance to Montreal's Biosphere. Was play like this the inspiration for some of the world's greatest architects? Hale includes photographic images of world famous structures resembling the creations that spring from children's imaginations. The book concludes with images of world renown buildings and the architects who dreamed up their possibilities.

I am able to envision many ideas to integrate this visual delight into my lesson plans for all grade levels.

Curriculum Connection Activities:
Architecture-It's Elementary!
Design a House with Frank Lloyd Wright (grades 7-12)

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